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Stacked Clock

This is one of my favorite experiments. I had the original idea during a vacation to Hawaii. Basically, I wanted to make a clock where the hands were connected end-to-tip instead of all being connected to the center of the clock, making a sort of time arm (second hand starting where minute hand ended, etc). I made a version of that using Rainmeter on my desktop for a while.


Motion Cells

This is an experiment I made a long time ago, inspired by a flocking cellular automaton I saw on Rectangle World. In this experiment, the canvas is divided into a bunch of cells, each of which maintain a vector. Every frame, each cell attempts to make its vector closer to the vectors of its neighbors, and the vectors are “normalized” so that the average length is 1 (some are longer, some are shorter). On top of this, I built 19 different variations, each of which displays the results in a different way.

My first few variations display the actual vectors, either just as lines or by mapping direction to hue and length to brightness. In most of the other variations, the code places particles “on top” of the cells, and they move in the direction that the vectors point. In a few of the variations, I connect the particles to each other and draw lines between them, making a sort of web effect. This was one of the first experiments I made with the HTML5 Canvas, and I like how it looks.



Hello! Welcome to my new website! I know it doesn’t have much stuff on it yet, but I’m working on it.

I’ve been meaning to update my website for a really long time, but never got around to it until now. I am going to be transforming this website into my own personal blog, and I plan to post about all sorts of interesting things, including my generative artwork and experiments. Over the next few weeks I will be posting many of the things I have already made, and then, once I catch up, I will update more infrequently and possibly begin writing some articles on miscellaneous things.

(Note: If you want to see something kinda cool already, try moving your mouse on the logo on top of this page.)


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