Daniel Johnson's personal fragment of the web


Hello! I’m Daniel Johnson, a student at Harvey Mudd College, and an aspiring Computer Science researcher. Here I post about various programming experiments and projects as well as about other miscellaneous interesting things that I do.

I have a large range of interests, so the topics on this blog are quite varied. Right now, my main interest area is artificial intelligence and deep learning. But I’m also very interested in generative artwork, computer vision, and mathematics. So you’ll probably see a bit of all of that here.

The name of this blog, “hexahedria”, has served as my online alias for many years now. I can’t remember exactly where I got it, but I remember that the name/word/alias has always been associated with the shape that I use as a logo. It doesn’t really mean anything, so I am free to make it mean whatever I like.

Feel free to contact me by email at hexahedria@gmail.com.

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